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Swift Restoration is your local water heater leak and damage restoration company that provides the best customer service, the best response time, and the best quality of work in San Diego. Hands down.

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What We Do

If your water heater is leaking, you have come to the right place. Swift Restoration specializes in water heater leaks and we are the most efficient and prepared to address the issue immediately. We can have hot water supplied to your home for your comfort and mitigation procedures started on the same day.

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How We Do It


A free assessment will be performed to test for moisture and mold. A clear and concise course of action will be provided. We assist with insurance claims or can provide a quote on the spot.


The leaking water heater will be removed and a temporary system will be installed. Containments are set up to protect you and your family. Any wet or mold affected materials are removed and drying equipment placed.


When the area is confirmed dry, it will be patched and painted for a seamless repair. The new water heater can be installed same day once our repair is finished.

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